I mean, here I am age 52 and about to launch on a new career that is going to take 4-6 years of my time and effort before I even truly begin.

There’s so much discussion I hear about post-doc life, early career challenges, what the hell am I doing …

I am doing something that I have longed for since around 2002. I am doing something that has got me fired up and fizzing. I am doing something I believe will keep me alive in mind, body, and soul until body or mind decease.

Maybe the following will give you an idea of whether I am scared or not.

My personal statement (first draft)

Life takes you on unexpected journeys. When I began my academic journey in 2000 I didn’t think it would take me this long before I reached the final home straight. Yet I don’t feel those intervening years were at all wasted, I have broadened my horizons and added to my experience.

Originally, pursuing a PhD would, I thought, lead me to lecturing and sharing the knowledge I had gained in that way. However, these last two years working in ImaginationLancaster has shown me another path I could follow, one where I can make real differences in the real world and help humans and their communities to live better lives.

My role as Partnerships Co-ordinator has enabled me to see where research can contribute and benefit third sector organisations. Building relationships with the people who work in the third sector has increased my drive to help them to help others. I am excited to explore thoughts and ideas and possibilities, to discover and create practices which will help these organisations become more effective and resilient.

I do feel that, with the support of my supervisors, I can bring so much to this field. My enthusiasm and hopes for a better future among them. I see my career as an academic helping others to not only see the possibilities, but ways to achieve a future that benefits everyone.