I am here, I will always be here … and yet

I’m tired, and I do not want to be here. I do not want to be in this place of sadness and failure. I no longer wish to reside in the land of lack and loss. I want to be … elsewhere, anywhere but here. In the void, in emptiness, beyond *here*.

–cries internally– I no longer want to be here.

And yet I am, there are ties to this place which hold me tight. Ensure my leaving is not intentional. Wind their arms and hearts with mine and bind me with warmth and love.

So I am here. I am unable to change that, so what can I change? Because to exist here is not an option, to LIVE here is.

My situation.

My perspective.

My choices.

My thinking.

Find the ways to LIVE, make the changes to make this life what it should be.




There are some things beyond my control, there are some things beyond my power to change. But those I can look at differently and find ways to see the possibilities and opportunities. I can’t let them defeat me.

I will remain, I will surround myself with the love that gives me reason to stay. And I will stay.