I don’t really do resolutions, I’m on a continual journey to better habits and choosing resolutions to stick to on an arbitrary day doesn’t work for me. However I do generally choose a word to live by – in 2020 my word is EXPLORE

explore: travel through an unfamiliar area in order to learn more about it

I spent a lot of my life conforming, living up to other people’s expectations, restricting myself by their needs and standards, The last few years have turned that upside down and I am becoming more the ‘me’ I wish to be. But all those years of living other people’s opinions meant that my life was very narrow, confined in time, space, and location.

This year I will continue what I have started, do more things that take me out of the comfort zone … way out in some cases.

I am beginning my doctoral journey this year so will involve new knowledge, creative exploration of ways to understand and express learning, discovery.

Life is fabulous.