This is from a comment over on Google+ a while ago. Not sure when or how it will end at the moment. Maybe I should open it up to suggestions from my readers?

Drella softly scratched her well-filed  fingernail across the guard’s cheek. She felt the quiver of terror and was satisfied.

“No more extras for my darling sisters. Or …” Her words trailed off into an unveiled threat. There was never any misunderstanding with Lady Drella when it came to her love for her sisters. There was none. Not even a smidgeon buried deep within the heart shaped cavity within her chest.

Bowing low the guard backed away as quickly as he dared, droplets of sweat making tracks down his face and neck. He reached for the door handle.

“Oh, and Stevens…”

He would have frozen still if his body wasn’t trembling so much.

“Yes Milady.”

“Report to Master Buttons for a correction session before your shift tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Milady.” Words uttered automatically that stuck so deep in his throat it was barely heard across the room. Managing to grasp the door handle tightly enough to turn he finally escaped the room before collapsing against the cold stone of the corridor wall and allowing his tremors free reign. A correction session with Master Buttons could mean anything, the sadistic bastard had a warped mind that thought up many twisted tortures.

Lady Drella’s floor length velvet skirts swirled as she paced the heavily draped room and considered her next move. Keeping the sisters alive had been a careful diplomatic ploy on her part which had gained her the love and trust of her Prince Charming, however they were a constant pebble in her glass slipper and maybe it might be expedient to remove them before certain rumours were revealed as fact to her beloved.

Let’s clear up a possible misconception here too. When Drella regarded someone as her ‘beloved’ it was not founded in most people’s experience of love. It was founded in a desire for power, control, terror, pain. The four cornerstones of her entire life philosophy. Prince Charming granted her power, with that power came control and through control she could dispense terror and pain. All the while darling Charming played with his horses and dallied with his courtiers, trusting his perfect bride to acquiesce to his lifestyle choices and take care of all the sleep-inducing politics and day to day troubles that spoiled his fun.

Pulling sharply on the bellrope Drella waited for whatever unlucky servant was due to attend on her wishes today. Within moments a cringing young serving girl entered and knelt, head bowed, on the stone before her. Drella waited, watching the trembling girl, almost tasting the fear emanating from her body. Finally the pleasure palled.

“I desire two things my girl. Have you the wit to remember two things?”

“Yes Milady”

“I hope so… Firstly go order my luncheon from the kitchen. Tell the cook if it isn’t fresh this time she’ll be fed to the pigs like her predecessor. Secondly, go request Master Buttons to attend me here within the hour. I know he’s often … busy … so I will allow him time to complete his latest project first. You understand and remember?”

“Yes Milady.”

“Then why do you still kneel at my feet?” A swift movement and Drella’s hand made contact with the girl’s head. The servant fell sideways then quickly recovered herself and sped towards the door to complete her errands.

(to be continued)