Hayley’s a pretty but mischievous girl

With a cheeky wee smile

And a saucy wee curl.

But she’d crayon her name

On the living room wall.

Or leave muddy footprints all over the hall.

Her mother would shout

In a voice of despair.

Then Hayley would sulk

And pretend not to hear.

One day in a fit of naughty delight,

She crept out of bed

At morning’s first light.

She sneaked down the stairs,

Through the living room door.

Then into the kitchen

To find sweeties galore.

She ate and she ate

For over an hour,

Till all of the sweeties

Turned her tummy sour.

Then suddenly realising what she had done

She snuck back to her bedroom

Regretting her fun.

Her mummy woke up to the sound of a groan

And rushed to see Hayley,

Then rushed to the phone.

She called for the doctor

Who came straight away

And said to poor Hayley

“In bed you must stay.”

So all through that day laid alone in her bed

Hayley thought of

Where her mischief had led.

Her mummy was startled

To hear Hayley cry

And ran to her bedroom

To find out for why.

“Oh mummy”, said Hayley

Filled with remorse.

“I never did think

How much trouble I cause.

I promise from now on

I’ll try to be good,

I’ll not throw my toys

Or make the sink flood.”

Her mummy just cuddled her tighter than tight

Then kissed both her cheeks

And wished her “Goodnight”