Jaffa was jostled / squished in the pack / he wanted some space / not a poke in the back

He wriggled a bit / he wraggled a lot / the wrapping gave way / he was off like a shot

Rolled over the table / stopped short at the edge / bet you just thought / he would fall off the ledge

You were so mistaken

He lay there confused / his chocolate was cracking / oh how he wished / he was back in his packing

A strange smell surrounded / potent and strong / Jaffa instinctively / felt something was wrong

Five digits approached him / four fingers one thumb / they grabbed for poor Jaffa / oh what had he done

He felt himself lifted / like a leaf he was soaring / to a strange odd contraption / where liquid was pouring

The digits they held him / they pinched at his rim / then ever so slowly / they dipped Jaffa in…

…to the liquid so smelly / it caught in his throat / then Jaffa was sailing / just like a boat

But he didn’t sail long / his sponge started sponging / and ever so slowly / poor Jaffa was sinking

Down in the liquid / and Jaffa’s last thoughts / were wishing and hoping /


(based on real events at a Starfury Convention)