All the wrong in the world

Humans killing humans

Mostly for religion or greed … the “other”

There is no “other”, there is only US.



People with the same blood in their veins, the same organs in their bodies, the same limbs, the same features.

The same but different

Differences shouldn’t cause hatred and fear

Differences should cause curiosity

Curiosity to explore, to appreciate the differences. Learn.

Learn and understand.

Understand that being different is not a threat.

It’s a celebration.

It’s a reason to be thankful for the diversity which makes life worth living.

Would we really want everyone to be the same?


We differentiate by the differences

We are better for our differences

We grow through our differences

Differences spark ideas. Create a space to innovate.

To dream.

We connect through our shared humanity.

We grow through our differences.

Be human. Be different. Be kind.