There have been so many changes in myself and my life over the last few years which have brought me to this place of emergence into a new life. A place where I accept that I am the pilot of my own life, a place where I accept responsibility for all my choices, a place where I absolve myself and other from blame.

A place where I am happy.

A place where I am discovering myself.

Courage to change, the courage to be the ME I desire, And the knowledge that I do not have to completely *know me*, know who I am, because this *who I am* is in a constant state of change as I learn and grow,

All I have to do in each moment is to do what makes me happy.

So many changes, and here’s a biggie – I am letting go of Path 42, the business I (tried) to grow but which failed to bloom for whatever reason. I have deleted the Facebook page, I will be deleting the Twitter account soon. Instagram I have changed to @dovesandbullets and this website is going to be my one home from now onwards … or at least until I grow and change again.

There have been many iterations of life and business over the last ten years. From Bay Web Designs, through Create Bubbles, on to Path 42 with Doves and Bullets being a sideline. Well my doves don’t want to be sidelined anymore, they clamour for centre stage and the bullets want to make their impact on the world. I have been fortunate enough to be gifted the space to do this and I am seizing it with every particle of my soul.

I am emerging into the lightness of courage.

Dance with me along this path … or not, you hold your choice within you. I am happy to dance on my own, I choose to dance no matter what.

You know time crawls on when you’re waiting for the song to start 
So dance along to the beat of your heart