Here it is, mid April, and I still haven’t started ‘officially’ on my PhD due to various happenings … some are mine to take responsibility for. Procrastination, fear, and yes – laziness. However, some were beyond my control – delays on obtaining the sign off, Covid-19 virus disrupting work.

However, I have a supervisor, a possible second supervisor, and a proposal my supervisor is excited about.

In one conversation with a good friend and advisor It was pointed out to me that I shouldn’t use the word ‘problems’ rather I should describe them as challenges. It was definitely a Doh! moment as I know how important words are. So, while I could view these delays with chagrin and defeat, I’m not. Things will happen, in their own time – and yes I know I really want to rush this and get started I can also be patient and accept the pace being set for me.