Since separating from my ex I’ve slowly realised how happy I am being single. At first I felt I needed to go out and find someone else, someone to replace the *gaping void* that was supposed to be in my newly single life. But that gaping void, like the cake, is a lie.

Morning musings …

It’s a sunny Saturday and I’m enjoying morning coffee in the garden, listening to avian conversations and experiencing the warm caress of sunlight on my skin.

Alone with my thoughts.

Alone but rarely lonely.

Shouts and slams from next door. No arguments here, well none that I don’t win 🙂 Whenever I consider relationships all I can think of is the negatives, the restrictions it will place on my life rather than the additions. How it will bring disruption and noise into the peace and silence. Upend the calm. There seem to be so few benefits to attachment.

Honestly, right now I have scant energy for demands from others let alone a significant other. Thinking of my own needs and desires can exhaust me so how can I invest my energy in an SO?

Instead I am going to invest my energy into myself, to grow and enjoy life – because being happy and making the world a better place (even my own small corner) is a fantastic way to live and benefits myself and those around me.

So next time someone tells you that you need to be in a relationship, remind them that the most important relationship is with yourself, first and foremost.