I’m still working on my #23in13 challenge, however, the other day I fired up Scrivener and realised that I had the beginnings of a short story (or two) still lurking in the bits & bytes.

So, the first few entries (a taster below) are previously written so don’t count properly but some of it is new and it will be ongoing so I am counting this (the whole story) as one of my #23in13

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Something was attempting to make dents in Claude’s hardwood front door. Looking at his bedside alarm Claude saw it was 3.33am. Whatever it was had better have a good explanation for their vandalism or deep pockets to pay for any repairs. Grabbing his cloak he wrapped it around his old bones and clattered down the spiral staircase.

“Who disturbs my peace?”

The answer was a hysterical chuckle and three more violent thuds. Claude’s anger grew at the thought of the damage being done to his beautiful antique hardwood door. There would be hell to pay by whatever was on the other side. Blood and pain too if Claude couldn’t restrain himself. <read more>