Four rows of pristine schoolboys waited for their instructor to arrive. Smart in their suits and ties they bantered among each other raucously.

“So did you see that girl cleaning the cafeteria? What a pig-face.”

“Yeah, I heard she has two moms, I mean what the fuck? I thought that was illegal?”

“Only in the forward thinking states. There’s some real backwaters out west.”

“Settle down boys, time to learn of a dark section in our history books” The tutor commanded immediate respect, his habit of firing those he didn’t like off to the headmaster was legendary. And nobody wanted to come under the eye of the headmaster.

The lone female in the room kept quiet, she wanted to learn so much but a higher education wasn’t available usually for the likes of her. Only the bribe her mother had paid to the headmaster gave her access, and even that was tenuous because he’d been known to go back on his word more than several times.

“We are looking at the early part of the 21st century. A shameful time for our country. Turn to page 16 and let’s begin.”

Here follows an extract from that history book. 

The later part of the twentieth century and the early part of the twenty-first century was indeed a dark time for all right-thinking people. It was a time when the surge of rights for lesser humans was at its highest, there were even laws passed enabling them to live as they wanted despite it going against everything our Christian Nation stood for.

In a shocking state of affairs women were gaining more and more rights over their bodies and health. It was well-known that their emotions and frailties meant they could not arrive at right-thinking decisions without male assistance yet further autonomy was given and even more being planned.

The undeserving poor were given access to affordable healthcare which enabled them to survive and thrive without any hindrance, masses of people who would have otherwise died not only survived but bred.

Even worse, rights and allowances were given to the deviants who did not follow God’s Plan, to those who questioned the definition of man and woman, and who lay with those of the same gender as themselves.

Sickeningly too, those with darker skins than the now right-coloured white were allowed more and more rights. One even attained power as the President of our Glorious United States. It was later uncovered that he should never have been allowed to that office as his birth certificate was forged. The Obama Conspiracy was one of the greatest stories to emerge in 2018 as right-thinking began to regain its hold on society.

Immigrants and illegals were allowed to run riot about our glorious country and treated as actual humans bringing their blasphemous so-called religions with them and forcing their views on right-thinking, god-fearing folk.

It was truly a dark time, there were even discussions over the regulation of our right to bear whatever arms we choose.

And then the Glorious Election of 2016 arrived.

It was hard fought, The Great Trump did everything he could to prevail. His amazing strategy of lying, bullying, shouting, threatening, and blustering became a shining example to all who followed. He took back the white male power which was being eroded by deviants and dissidents. He led our country back to the glorious time when all those who were right-minded were all-powerful. He won a battle against an opponent who should never have even stood for election, a woman. Crooked Hillary, while never proved of any crimes, spent her remaining years rotting in jail where she belonged thanks to the Great Trump. Her supporters were vilified and if they did not desist were imprisoned alongside her.

It was time for America to be Great again.

A time for the right-thinking people to come forth and regain their priviledge. A time for corporations to openly rule over the politicians they controlled in order to preserve the economy that worked for them. Those who were not of right-gender, right-religion, right-colour, or right-thinking were put back in their place or deported from our shores in order to preserve the purity and prestige our our Glorious United States of America.

It took the Great Trump years to undo the travesties of the past yet he worked untiringly together with the full backing Republican Party to do what he felt was right and good for himself and other right-thinkers.