It’s been there, niggling at the recesses of my mind, there’s been something missing – and it’s been missing for a long time.


And I’m not talking small talk, and I’m not meaning discussions of various (and awesome) geeky movies/tv shows. Although the second is fun and I won’t turn it down if it’s available.

I am talking A-class, far-reaching, wandering through ideas and philosophies, exploring every aspect of whatever topic interests us kinda conversations. Ones that stretch my mind, test the limits of my imagination, explode my consciousness into sparkles of new thoughts and ways of thinking.

I’m craving this like an addict. I feel my brain is calcifying.

I want this in my partner. I want to find someone I can have no-holds-barred “plumb the depths of our being and soar through the magic of our imagination” discussions with.

I want someone I can snuggle on the sofa while we allow our thoughts to roam free.

I want to have discussions of politics and equality over dinner, and then argue the merits of Star Trek and Star Wars over dessert.

I want conversation. Please.