First draft & ideas to follow up on from day one of NaNoWriMo

(edit : I decided against this for NaNo this year as it involved too much research which I couldn’t fir in as well as the writing. Carrying on with another story I started instead)


A bitter taste, citrus with an underlying hint of rot. This bone house dies, I must prepare.


Who am I? I am the Ward, the one who cares & protects. I am one but I am many. I was here when the void received its first pinprick of light and I will remain when all is lost to time and space.




A voiceless wail as I wrench myself away, death will come quickly now to my last host, now I am no longer there to sustain it. I slip through and between the gaps in the slipstream of atoms that make up this world searching for my new home. A tug on my consciousness guides me to a small body encased in liquid and night. I gently reach out a thought, not of words or images but of feelings and love. Yes, I will care for you little one. I will never leave you until the moment of your death. I am yours, your ward and guide. Love me as I love you.




Wards, or to give us our full title – Wards of the Bone Houses. We are the, well spirits for want of a word you will understand, we give you purpose and meaning. We guide you through your lives, helping you understand, setting you apart from the lumps of clay, making you more than a mound of flesh. Our imperative is to guide, however to guide you towards what changes with each Ward. As we influence you so you, in small ways, influence us. We had not your concept of ‘evil’ when we started but, as with everything, evolution happens and giving you more than a modicum of autonomy allowed cruelty and hatred and other strange (to us) feelings to grow and in some cases take over. As Wards we become entwined in you to a greater or lesser degree, those unfortunate Wards who could not separate themselves enough became tainted and, as like searches for like, so found that their next host also had similar feelings – or was it that the Ward brought them along? We have never quite been able to discover who tainted whom with any certainty. All we know is that once a Ward started down that path it was practically impossible to deviate from it. They sought each other out via their bone houses, their hosts unknowing as to why they met each other but ward & host recognising a mutual agenda, shared needs.


There is nothing we can do about this, unfortunate as it is, we have limited power in your world and can only partially direct the hosts we currently inhabit. However, their numbers are growing and this is worrying many of us. Perhaps we should attempt a resolution?




Webster is an idealist, but an idealist with common sense and the drive to actually do something. He just needs the connections to make it happen. What happen I hear the reader ask … he doesn’t know. All he knows is that things need to change and fast before the world becomes locked into a corporation controlled dystopia predicted by so many sci-fi writers in the last century.


So much secrecy in the echelons of power. Who controls whom – it sure isn’t the governments who are in control any more, politician puppets performing to the script of their campaign donors. Each understanding the other and allowing profit to rule over the people so that they can continue their lives of priviledge. Pacts being planned behind thick, oak panelled doors. Versace shoes treading the deep-pile carpets – deeper the pile the more wealth and power of the owner. Saville Row suits seated in soft leather executive chairs summoning their government lackeys to issue a new edict that will consolidate their position more securely. No one can touch them. They are safe in their glass and steel towers, comfortable in their mansions. They slumber deeply in their soft mattresses.


While mothers stir uneasily in their sleep wondering whether they can afford to pay the electric bill this month. Fathers sob silently because they can’t afford enough food for all the family.




It has to change.




But how?




How does one man start a movement that will stop corporations who have unlimited money and therefore absolute power. He knows that often politicians begin with good intentions but they get swallowed by the system. It’s the system that has to change, the money – it all comes back to money. Those with the most have the influence and control even though they represent such a small part of the populace. As a politician, if you have money behind you then you have a louder voice, you can silence the dissenters more easily, you can hide an unsavoury past. But in this age of technology can you really hide anything? As we move into the twenty-first century more and more information is held online. Is there a way to hack that information so we can uncover hidden truths? After all, if we are allowing these politicians and power magnates to make decisions that affect our lives surely we deserve to know exactly who they are? Never mind expending energy and expertise to hack celebrity accounts and post any privately taken nude images, we need to blast open those oak-panelled doors and drag all the secrets from the dark depths into the sunlight. Of course, there have been people who have attempted this, successfully too. However, those in power have done their utmost to discredit the brave, make the masses believe they are dangerous and stupid for what they have done. Smear them and intimidate them, or attempt to.



I am Webster’s Ward and I see his thoughts and dreams intimately. He doesn’t know I am there, he is not allowed to know. Some Wards break the rule but often those situations descend into madness and that is not a route I want to go with Webster. He is too good a man to deserve to spend his days being fed green jello and painting endless pictures of fruit in a bowl.


Yet I know that, with my experience throughout the eons of my existence, I could help him more effectively if I could interact with him more directly. But how to do this? I know of Wards who have helped their hosts in the dreamworld, would that be a solution? I have never attempted to manipulate dreams in any way. I am hampered by my very reason for existence. Being a Ward is a solitary journey, contact with each other directly is difficult at best yet I know the path to take to do so. I have half-remembered tales of times when Wards met in conclaves but those memories are faded and I never participated so it could be what you would call an ‘old wives tale’ rather than truth.


*how can Wards communicate with each other?


In the meantime I shall encourage his efforts towards a solution to the corruption that has invaded governments and corporations. Webster is a good man and I feel he could be a positive influence.




Quest (Webster) – to change money = power/influence to … to what?

Quest (Ward) – to find a way to communicate with other Wards

to help Webster


Ideas – what is a Ward? How do they influence our lives? Is it good or bad. Explore spirituality and whether we can live without one.


Power, corruption, money. The world situation today and is it any worse than previously. Should we allow corporations so much influence over our lives through deals with governments. TTIP TTP ISDS etc. Why do they feel they have the right to do so? Are politicians inherently good, it’s just the system that’s bad. Lobbyists. How did this situation occur? Why was it allowed to happen?


Good v evil. Is it ever as simple as that? What one person sees as good could have a different meaning to another. Good / evil for whom? Morals & ethics. How different cultures perceive each other. Religion – why are people so afraid of other people’s beliefs? What makes humankind so reliant on religion yet so scared of it? Religion v Faith.