Callum was crazy, everyone said,
To keep a young dinosaur
Under his bed.
Callum would say
“It’s no trouble at all.
It eats quite a lot
Yet stays very small.”
But everyone knew
One day he’d regret
Keeping a dinosaur
Just like a pet.
Callum awoke with a bump one dark night
He looked out of bed
And he got quite a fright.
The cute little friend
That had caused him no grief.
Was now a huge monster
With sharp, shiny teeth!
“I’ll gobble you up in one bite,” said the pet
But the dinosaur never did
Complete his threat.
Callum, the sensible lad that he is,
Had planned for emergencies
Just such as this.
He reached out of bed
And groped on the floor
He pulled on the handle
That worked the trapdoor.
Then all Callum heard
From his dinosaur pet
Was a grunt and a growl
As it fell in the net.
The very next day Callum went in a hurry
To the local museum
With a very big lorry.
Now the local museum has a brand new exhibit
A strong, shiny cage
With a dinosaur in it!