I have been writing since I was a child, for me back then the only thing better than writing was to read. I continued that escape as an adult, took Creative Writing at university, joined writing groups to hone my abilities, wrote for pleasure and for business. 

Now I write for me. 


A thorny issue, this forgiving business. I can’t speak for other faiths but I know from my upbringing that christians are taught that to forgive is divine. Yet how many of us approach divinity? 

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Fear has no hold over me

Sitting in a Starbucks, thinking about fear. It’s a strange thing is fear, it tugs at your sleeve constantly as a reminder that you’re talentless, imperfect, a blight that the perfect tolerate with amusement.

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The cake is a lie

I felt I needed to go out and find someone else, someone to replace the *gaping void* that was supposed to be in my newly single life. But that gaping void, like the cake, is a lie. 

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No Guilt

It always amuses me when people talking about guilty pleasures, I mean, why feel guilty about what you find pleasurable? It kinda negates the experience.

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Science v Magic

I've been so conflicted lately, I have always had an interest in fantasy and fairies and elves and the endless possibilities yet there's also a science-y tech-y side to me which wants to pooh-pooh the woo. But then, journaling out my thoughts the other day I had a...

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There have been so many changes in myself and my life over the last few years which have brought me to this place of emergence into a new life

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