I write for me … words have always fascinated me, the nuances of language.

I create fiction, share thoughts, and disseminate research.

Mise en place

I have my PhD place confirmed, I start October - I'd rather start right now, but I am making the best of things by preparing ahead. Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place". It refers to the setup required...

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Trust it will happen

The stars and planets aren't quite aligned yet. With all the Covid problems going on I have this inner feeling that perhaps the uni will ask me to wait to start ... So I have been preparing contingency plans, how I will react, what options I have. And I do have...

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Should I be scared?

I mean, here I am age 52 and about to launch on a new career that is going to take 4-6 years of my time and effort before I even truly begin. There's so much discussion I hear about post-doc life, early career challenges, what the hell am I doing … I am doing...

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Isolation, continued

Tomorrow is June 1st 2020. Tomorrow marks eleven weeks since I went into work. Tomorrow, according to the government, we can ease lockdown. 

It’s too soon.

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Trust Cake

This website is intended as a record of my PhD journey and beyond. The exploration of the theme of trust alongside working with third sector organisations to create connections and collaborations that help the communities they serve. Trust is an integral ingredient...

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Trusting stories

Trust is what we build connections and relationships on, some we trust instinctively, others we have to find ways to build it. Stories help. Telling stories of the past, sharing stories of the now, creating stories of the future. I've written stories on and off since...

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Ritual of Vinyl

I have just bought my first vinyl album in many years, I had forgotten what a ceremony it could be to listen to music.

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Challenges not problems

Here it is, mid April, and I still haven't started 'officially' on my PhD due to various happenings ... some are mine to take responsibility for. Procrastination, fear, and yes - laziness. However, some were beyond my control - delays on obtaining the sign off,...

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Isolation: week one

Reminder – isolation does not have to mean isolated. 

It’s a week since isolation started, well, “social distancing”. Not been a full week as went to work on Monday, in fact last weekend I still thought the events etc planned for this week would be going ahead.

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The words we use

The words we use are important, they can potentially heal or harm, connect or divide. Politicians are unfortunately adept at using words to further their agenda, to stir discontent at the wrong target and mainstream media use language even more effectively. Part...

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