Be here now, in the moment.

My presence



Remnants of winter stray into the spring garden

Myself and the breeze chilling, chilled

Scents of possibilities arise from the earth


Chirps and tweets from nearby branches

I shouldn’t be here, in their domain


Plaintive cries careening across the sky

Seagull have such sad conversations.


Nature scatters random patterns

Sunshine breaks through the branches

Moss sprouts within the grass

Piercing softly through the blades.


Coo. Coo.  

Pigeons announce their arrival from the chimney stack.

Flap. Flap.


Fur against fence as a feline forsakes the sunny spot

Wandering time.


Scudding white clouds with grey underbellies

Shadows and light as they play peek-a-boo with the sun.

Temperature rising and falling with the game.


The feline returns, growling at imaginary foe

Then sits and stares at sister-cat in the sunshine

Queen of the Castle atop the barbecue

No room. No room.


Daffodil yellow straining to escape its sheath of green

Green spires from hidden bulbs

Shooting up through the soil.

What did I plant? I forget.

Surprise for later.


Brrrr. More clouds gather in cold communion.

Chilled and chilly I seek indoor warmth.