Background info…

I’m not a very disciplined person. So when faced with the deliciousness of cake and other tastiness I rarely say no. However my weight was never a problem until a few years of studenthood plus a bad back meant the pounds started creeping on. 

So I went to the gym, and dropped a dress size. Yippee!

And then depression set up home and, against my better judgement but knowing at the time I needed them, I started on citalopram. I was still going to the gym but the pounds snuck back on slowly. It was demoralising. For various reasons I had to stop going to the gym and at which point – unless I practically starved myself – I couldn’t even maintain my weight let alone lose any. Four stone in under three years. (OK, maybe a stone of that was me and my lack of willpower, but I was seriously trying yet failing).

In July 2018 I had lost some weight but that had stalled so I took the opportunity to rejoin the gym. Which is going well, I’m loving regaining the strength I once had and am already seeing the difference. I’ve also been experimenting with my nutrition and thought I’d share my experience. Rewind back to that willpower thing at the start of this post, my brain is something I often have to compete with so what follows is what is currently working for me food-wise right now.

  1. no treats in the house – which can be difficult when living with others but if I don’t buy them myself then I can’t eat what is someone else’s 🙂
  2. pre-prepped salad and microwaveable frozen veg – so that I can easily bulk my meals with good stuff. I spend a few minutes cutting up cucumbers and peppers etc and put them in tubs in the fridge.
  3. making food look good – instagram-able lol. Presentation, presentation, presentation.
  4. making food taste good – adding little “luxuries” or extras such as salad dressings, nuts etc
  5. intermittent fasting – I eat one main meal late afternoon which means that I can use most of my calorie allocation in that meal so feel full and can add a treat without being over my limit.
  6. pepsi max – yeah, yeah I drink water and other better stuff but a gulp of pepsi max will help with sugar cravings.
  7. I rarely calorie count* – I found that it often meant I was obsessing too much which is mentally unhealthy for me. I eat nutritious food, with lots of veg/salad, and keep “empty calories” to a minimum.

*Bear in mind that I have been learning about nutrition for a few years so while I don’t calorie count I am aware of what I am eating and the nutritional value of the food I consume (keep up the protein intake for instance).

I started this a few weeks ago and it has made a difference for me, I am currently averaging a 2.5 pound weight loss each week which is nice and slow and steady. Although, as I am doing a lot of strength/weight work at the gym, I’m concentrating on body shape and size changes rather than weight.