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Ward of the Bone House 1

First draft & ideas to follow up on from day one of NaNoWriMo (edit : I decided against this for NaNo this year as it involved too much research which I couldn't fir in as well as the writing. Carrying on with another story I started instead)   A bitter taste, citrus...

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Callum’s Pet

Callum was crazy, everyone said, To keep a young dinosaur Under his bed. Callum would say “It’s no trouble at all. It eats quite a lot Yet stays very small.” But everyone knew One day he’d regret Keeping a dinosaur Just like a pet. Callum awoke with a bump one dark...

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Long, mousy brown hair, shiny and well-conditioned falling forward over her face as if to hide it from prying eyes. Or to hide her intrusive eyes from others. A mature but well kept face with plain, almost masculine, features. Pale blue eyes seemingly looking...

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*from a prompt I was given via Twitter (I think) It was a dark and stormy night, except that it was daytime and sunny. Rolfe ran from brightside to nightside and wondered at the strangeness of living on this new world where half the planet always faced the sun while...

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Opening the door was a pretty normal occurrence, life on the other side wasn’t. I wanted to go to the store, after all a girl gotta have cake don’t she? One step, one blink and I realised cake was not a priority anymore. Yes the sky was still blue, the trees were...

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Museum musings

Multi-lingual voices chattered around me as I walked through the doors, children exclaiming at the exhibits, the sound of cameras clicking all distracted me from the artefacts I had come to see. I found a space to the side of the room and closed my eyes, attempting to...

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Multiple suspicious disappearances from one small area of town and not one solid lead or decomposing body. Grant stared at the board, sixteen pairs of eyes glared back. Accusing, pleading, wanting justice. But how could he provide justice if there was no trail, no...

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Ghost of Me

Error. My life seemed to be a constant mistyped URL leading to a 404. Paige not found. I giggled to myself at the pun. But still it was frustrating. Picking up my cello I began practising the intricate fingering required for my show piece. Notes slid gently from the...

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You get what everyone else gets

Endings. Change wrapped in expectation, tied with a bow of sadness. Take the gift with thanks and a smile, it's for the best you'll see. Slowly pull the ribbon, untie the knot of pain and grief. Embrace the experience. Easier to say than do, but do you must....

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I'm still working on my #23in13 challenge, however, the other day I fired up Scrivener and realised that I had the beginnings of a short story (or two) still lurking in the bits & bytes. So, the first few entries (a taster below) are previously written so don't count...

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My Lady Drella (pt 1)

This is from a comment over on Google+ a while ago. Not sure when or how it will end at the moment. Maybe I should open it up to suggestions from my readers? Drella softly scratched her well-filed  fingernail across the guard’s cheek. She felt the quiver of terror and...

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Who am I?

I am a wordsmith, a writer, an translator of tales.

I have been writing since I was a child, for me back then the only thing better than writing was to read. I continued that escape as an adult, took Creative Writing at university, joined writing groups to hone my abilities, wrote for pleasure and for business.

These skills are now offered to you so that you can share your wondrous experiences and knowledge in written form.

Take the stress out of writing your story

You have stories to tell, experiences to share, and you do this so well verbally. Yet try to write the words, put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, and suddenly the flow is lost.

How can you get your words out to those who need to hear? 

Tell me your stories, let the sentences flow from your tongue so that I can translate them to pixels on a screen for you to share wherever you wish.

Book a chat with me now and let’s set your words free.


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