Who am I?

I am a wordsmith, a writer, an translator of tales.

I have been writing since I was a child, for me back then the only thing better than writing was to read. I continued that escape as an adult, took Creative Writing at university, joined writing groups to hone my abilities, wrote for pleasure and for business.

Now I have become brave enough to share my words without fear. Create and share words for myself, my entertainment, my self-discovery.

A Little More Conversation

It’s been there, niggling at the recesses of my mind, there’s been something missing – and it’s been missing for a long time. Conversation. And I’m not talking small talk, and I’m not meaning discussions of various (and awesome) geeky movies/tv shows. Although the...

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Not Wanting To Be Here

I am here, I will always be here ... and yet I'm tired, and I do not want to be here. I do not want to be in this place of sadness and failure. I no longer wish to reside in the land of lack and loss. I want to be ... elsewhere, anywhere but here. In the void, in...

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Who Am I? Who Will I Become?

Set up by Sophie over at One Unique, Huddle and Cuddle is a campaign to help raise awareness of mental health issues buy using the means of social media. Influencers have teamed up to help this campaign and to spread the word, allowing people to never feel alone by...

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Goodbye Darkness, My Old Friend

A small corner of her brain mourned. Recalled the comfort of her lost friend's arms around her, the safe feeling of knowing they were there and there for her alone. Except they weren't. They were there for themselves, insinuating bonds of fear and doubt, invisible yet...

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Push Me Pull Me

Self-care can be a funny beast. We are told, we know deep inside, that we have to practise self care in order to be our best for the world - put your own oxygen mask on first. Yet often I wonder how much of what I do is self care and how much is selfish. For instance,...

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Privacy is a dying construct

So many biz friends on Facebook wonder why I don't accept them as friends on my personal profile. They think I am hiding things, have a secret double life, frack knows what else they're thinking. Truthfully - I don't know them. Sure I know they exist and we have...

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A Look At Our Dark Past

Four rows of pristine schoolboys waited for their instructor to arrive. Smart in their suits and ties they bantered among each other raucously. "So did you see that girl cleaning the cafeteria? What a pig-face." "Yeah, I heard she has two moms, I mean what the fuck? I...

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do you see me?

What do you see when you look at me? Do you see the smile or the sorrow? The light of the eyes, the joy I bring to people’s lives, the always ready to help personality, the kindness, the empathy, the trust, love? Do you see the sadness, the pain of feeling unworthy,...

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Mischievous Hayley

Hayley’s a pretty but mischievous girl With a cheeky wee smile And a saucy wee curl. But she’d crayon her name On the living room wall. Or leave muddy footprints all over the hall. Her mother would shout In a voice of despair. Then Hayley would sulk And pretend not to...

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Past Hopes, Plans and Dreams

Second Lt Smith, 24, of 1/5th (TF) battalion, East Lancashire Regiment, 42nd Division, he  won the VC for conspicuous bravery. Dec 23rd 1915 he led a bombing party to make life difficult for the Turks as the Allies withdrew. After hours exchanging grenades and bombs....

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Ward of the Bone House 1

First draft & ideas to follow up on from day one of NaNoWriMo (edit : I decided against this for NaNo this year as it involved too much research which I couldn't fir in as well as the writing. Carrying on with another story I started instead)   A bitter taste, citrus...

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Callum’s Pet

Callum was crazy, everyone said, To keep a young dinosaur Under his bed. Callum would say “It’s no trouble at all. It eats quite a lot Yet stays very small.” But everyone knew One day he’d regret Keeping a dinosaur Just like a pet. Callum awoke with a bump one dark...

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