For the last few years I’ve been poor, not quite abject poverty but almost. Living existing with depression took away my reasoning, it totally tanked my decision making skills – and my life and business suffered for it. Which led to poverty.

Watching every single penny.

Buying food from the ‘bargain’ corner.

Staying home because I couldn’t even afford the petrol to go visit people.

But now I have a regular income, I have hope, I’m no longer on the medication which caused a huge chunk of the depression, and I can afford the little luxuries again.

It’s amazing how small things can bring you happiness, picking up that bar of chocolate, having the meal you want not the meal you can afford, catching up with friends over a coffee in town. Sure, a big holiday to Disney would be lovely but these every day luxuries are so good to experience again.

Today I’m experiencing a medium luxury – first class train travel to visit dear friends in Glasgow. Sure it costs more, but it means breakfast on the way there and dinner on the way home so I don’t have to cook. It means coffee and orange juice. It means a comfier seat with a little more room. Free wifi 🙂 I’m appreciating every moment.

What little luxuries are you appreciating today?