Jack Knight is a graphic artist and owner of Knighttime Creations. Here is his story. 

What successes have you had from being part of the ESTA community?

I’ve made some great connections with other local business owners which has led to a variety of commissioned illustrations, sponsorship for my art exhibition and a head start on the Independent Lancaster project which ties in beautifully with other ESTA initiatives to help Lancaster.

How did being a part of the ESTA community help your success?

Through the connections I made by joining ESTA I developed the confidence to go to more networking events and broaden the scope of my business which gave me increased confidence and a boost to my income.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

ESTA is like a family of local business owners, we’ve got the support of each other and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.

Jack describes himself as “… a little off the wall, my business provides illustrations to the world and my dream is to always be happy.” which is an apt description for such a lovely person and talented artist. 

Want to learn more about ESTA?

The Ethical Small Traders Association (ESTA) is an association of Small Traders working for a sustainable local economy in the Lancaster area.

We aim to provide a mutually co-operative framework for local social entrepreneurs to work together on developing products and services which serve to develop the prosperity and common good of the wider community.

The ESTA community cultivates a friendly and approachable way of working that is both non-stressful and efficient.