We mill around the lobby of a four star hotel, cosplayers looking awesome, geeky tees worn proudly, all our quirks on display … and we know that there are ‘normal’ people looking at us and thinking “what a bunch of geeks”.

Some, not all, will be stereotyping us, dismissively dismissing us – and yet they do not know us. They are missing out.

For within our ranks that “bunch of geeks” is a ‘verse of diversity. A collective of acceptance and understanding. A sample utopia, flawed as is everything human, yet a microcosm of how beautiful and amazing life could be if geeks ruled the earth.

This beautiful and amazing group-hug of diversity and love is what I want to show with the words I write. How, despite flaws of humanity, this bunch of geeks can create a safe area for everyone within the space of Starfury Conventions and beyond.

My initial idea is to simply talk to as many of the Starfury family as possible, to discuss how the ethos and atmosphere enables us to be us, without fear, hindrance, shame. How Sean has managed to create this safe space for us all to celebrate who we truly are. And from those interviews to create a written record of how Starfury has affected our lives. To create something which shows how we are not ‘just another convention’.

Beyond that I aim to show the people behind the geek, how lumping us all together does us a disservice, that the diversity of age, gender, sexuality, employment, fandom, does not prevent us from coming together and enjoying friendships which transcend all barriers.

Eventually, time and energy permitting, I would like to investigate what it is about that shared ‘geek’ which enables us to be a community of such diversity.

This is a passion project, Starfury has brought a lot of joy into my life and I would love to ensure that the wider world has an opportunity to understand what I know. Ideas for reaching a wider audience are as follows …

(not set in stone, obviously)

  • blog posts as I talk to people and have ideas
  • podcast type interviews on Soundcloud
  • create an ebook for the Starfury family
  • dead-tree version with 50% profits going to charity
  • BBC TV documentary narrated by David Attenborough
  • film, please leave suggestions for who should play Sean 🙂

After the new year I will set up a Google form for victims volunteers to fill in so that I can start talking with people. Dead excited to be doing this.

*EDIT: it’s March and I’ve finally got my act together so please get in touch via the form below and let’s get this party started *looks around for Ash*

Live long and may the force be with you!